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About us

St Leonards Festival is hosted annually in the heart of

St Leonards and is for everyone to enjoy.
Our festival celebrates St Leonards' community and arts.

Since 2006, St Leonards Festival has presented free, high-quality, outdoor performing arts, music, carnival and parade.

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Where we started

St. Leonards-on-Sea’s quirky atmosphere, attractive architecture and seaside location have attracted a wealth of creative talent and entrepreneurial activity in recent years leading to property and business investment, some local regeneration, and a degree of gentrification. However, St Leonards remains home to many economically deprived residents. St Leonards Festival is designed to be inclusive for all residents. In 2010 The Community Forum changed to St Leonards Town Team, which ceased to exist in 2014. A St Leonards Festival Committee was set up in 2018.



St Leonards Festival is wheelchair accessible.
We have disabled toilets on site. If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

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Diversity has always been
at the heart of the festival.
Each year we've been running St Leonards Festival, we have aimed to have at least 51%
of the festival reflect
diversity in all its forms.



St Leonards Festival is committed to being a
sustainable festival.
Each year, we aim to do more
in order to reach our targets.


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Where it all happens

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