Hastings Borough Council will be bringing their Covid Vaccine van to St Leonards Festival.
Why not #MaxTheVax and get your jab?

Please keep an eye on this website and on Facebook

Daytime: 12noon-6pm


12.30pm: Isabella Bicycle 
1pm: Alex D'Great  
1.20pm: Half A String 
1.40pm: Maynard Flip Flap 
2:10pm: Nana Tsiboe
2.40pm: Alex D'Great Workshop
3.10pm: Maynard Flip Flap 
3.40pm: Isabella Bicycle
4.10pm: Nana Tsiboe 
4.40pm: Isabella Bicycle 
5.10pm: Half A String


12pm: Drumming (Raven, Section 5 & Dende)
12.30pm: Welcome speeches 
12.40pm: Timberlina
12.45pm: St Leonards Dance Troupe
12.50pm: Hastings Bengali Forum
12.55pm: St Leonards Dance Troupe
12.55pm: Showmi Das Dance Co performance
1.15pm: RedAmberGreen
1.30pm: Izzy Withers 
1.45pm: Showmi Das Dance Co workshop
2.30pm: Message from the Ravens 
3pm: Timberlina
pm: Susannah Appleyard
pm: Aretha Belly Dance Workshop 
3.55pm: Lily Ramona 
4.10pm: Gizmo Kids
4.15pm Twinkle Ansar
4.20pm: Timberlina
4.30pm: Frank From Blue Velvet 



12:30pm: Circus Pazaz
pm: Xena Flame   
pm: Dulce Duca
pm: UK African Acrobats  
3.20pm: Circus Pazaz 
pm: Xena Flame | Maynard Flip Flap 
5pm: Dulce Duca 
5.30pm: UK African Acrobats 


12pm to 6pm
Support local! Come and find out about local community groups and charities including
- 5Fostering
- FSN Dragonflies
- Hastings and Rother Rainbow Alliance
- HRRA Trans Support Group
- Hastings Older Women's Co-housing
- Plastic Free Hastings
- Mental Health Sussex
- RNLI (tbc)

Plus food from the BBQ
Project and ice cream


Let the Lightwalkers guide you to our evening illuminations with Octo & Diamond by the Dream Engine 


Octo 3 credit Jason Gairn.JPG
unnamed (2).png

The Lightwalkers


Shows start at 8.30pm and then repeated again at 9.15pm




Sussex Concepts
will not be
having a market
on Kings Road
this year 



Half a String


Nana Tsiboe

Isabella Bicycle


Flip Flap

Help Malcolm Brushell find the pinky-est pink paint on the planet! 

1.20pm - 1.40pm

5.10pm - 5.30pm 

 Authentic roots music with Ghanaian heart composed and performed by a master drummer and multi-instrumentalist. 

2.10pm - 2.40pm

4.10pm - 4.40pm

Isabella Bicycle tells stories from her incredible bicycling adventures! 

12.30pm - 1pm

3.40pm - 4.10pm

4.40pm - 5.10pm

'Daft as a Brush'  - International street theatre show with daring shoes, coat hanger escape and racing biscuits

1.40pm - 2.10pm

3.10pm - 3.40pm

Alex D'Great 

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Alexander grew up in London from the age of five. On leaving school in the mid 1960s he became a professional musician/songwriter, creating his own style from a mix of Beatles, Blues and Baroque music.

1pm - 1.20pm: Performance

2.40pm - 3.10pm: Workshop




Maynard Flip Flap

'Daft as a Brush'! He flips Eggs high into the air then attempts to catch them on his head. This internationally travelled street theatre show also includes daring shoes balancing, a coat hanger escape and audience members racing biscuits.

4.10pm - 5.55pm

 Circus Pazaz 

 Dulce Duca 


 Xena Flame


 UK African Acrobats 

Circus Pazaz is the little circus with BIG fun! Entertainment for the whole family in the best 'Little' way! 

12:30pm - 1.15pm 


Dulce Duca conceives Absurd and Surrealistic shows, that will make you laugh or run away! 

2.15pm - 2.45pm 

5pm - 5.30pm 

Xena is a professional hula hoop artist,  who will be teaching some wonderful easy to learn hula hooping tricks. Come and join in the fun!

1.20pm - 2.10pm

4.10pm- 4.55pm  

Originally from Tanzania in East Africa. This group of fantastic African acrobats perform stunts, fire acts, dancing and with uplifting background music! 

2.50pm - 3.20pm 

5.30pm - 6.00pm 


Message from the Ravens

From ancient sea shanties to southern gothic ballads, haunting indie folk to full power 90s feminist sass; Message From The Ravens are the girlband who sing the lost stories that the ravens have witnessed since the dawn of time.

2.30pm - 3pm

Amber Dale is a self taught musician. She plays her own guitar, piano, sing and sometimes uses a loop pedal for vocals. 

Amber has been playing and composing music for over 10 years. She has a first class honours degree in commercial music and also has two albums out. 

1.15pm - 1.30pm

Lily Ramona - a UK based singer songwriter playing her own acoustic music.

Lily Ramona is a previous member of 'The Hank Dogs'. they released two albums and enjoyed great success overseas, especially in the USA where they toured America supporting Joan Baez.

She now plays her own original songs and is really enjoying her new solo creations.

She is currently recording a 5 track EP with the APRC which is soon to be released.

Lily is keen to share her music with the world! 

3.55pm - 4.10pm

Showmi Das is a well-renowned performer. She has performed all over the United Kingdom, as well as United States, Thailand, Singapore, India and Bangladesh. With training from North Indian Classical Dance, KATHAK under Jayashree Acharya. Showmi dance style experiments with the Indian Classical Forms and South Asian Contemporary Dance.

12.55pm - 1.15pm (show)

1.45pm - 2.15pm (workshop)

Susannah Appleyard is an Opera Singer and Classical soprano based in Sussex. She has performed across the UK, Europe and to Royalty and the Home Secretary.

3.05pm - 3.25pm

Frank From Blue Velvet 

A stylistically unique band merging big film scores, jangling guitar riffs and dancing swing beats. Playing both original songs and covers that paint vivid pictures of corruption, redemption, gambling and snake preaching. The band play both acoustically and amped up often against film collage projections.​



Aretha Belly Dance Workshop 


Twinkle Ansar


Izzy Withers 

 Get your body moving with Aretha as she teaches you how to shake your hips like Shakira! 

3.05pm - 3.55pm

An amazing twelve year old singer songwriter - we can't wait to hear here beautiful voice on the main stage this year

4.15pm - 4.20pm

Another inspiring local, young talent at this year's festival, Izzy is definitely one to look out for!

1.30pm - 1.45pm

Timberlina cambridge junction.jpg


Your host for the Music and Dance Zone! 

The World's No.1 Ecologically-minded bearded Drag Lady. Timberlina is not your average drag queen! Ms T's gentle and captivating approach makes for hilarious and intimate work that challenges the status quo. Ms T combines ecological narratives with community spirit as well as social and cultural history! 

1pm - 1.20pm
2.40pm - 3.15pm


St Leonards Dance Troupe

St Leonards Dance Troupe is a twelve-week participatory dance project for folks aged 60+
Members meet every week to rehearse a dance routine choreographed and directed by Anna Richardson leading to a public performance at the church hall in the final week






Lily Ramona


Showmi Dance Company

Susannah Appleyard


Sustainability and St Leonards Festival


Get the train, cycle, walk or share a lift to St Leonards Festival  

Please bring your own water bottle and don't buy single use plastic. 

St Leonards Festival is working with festivals and carnivals around the UK as part of Carnival Acting Responsibly for the Environment. It's our aim to make festivals more sustainable. We are implementing targets for carbon and waste reduction and tools to measure our progress.

What can you do to help?

Don't by more food that you can eat.

Use the onsite recycling bins

St Leonards Festival 2021 is produced by 18 Hours Events. 

Our events have been certified Good to Go (Covid secure) by Visit Britain.

Good To Go England White.png

Thanks to the Culture Recovery Fund from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and Arts Council England,

St Leonards Festival can continue to be #HereForCulture